These People Opened Up About Close Run-Ins With Death That They Had, And Their Stories Are Frightening

Sofia Zhuravetc -

While growing up, it is easy to think you are invincible. But, that feeling of being indestructible fades quickly after having a near-death experience.

One user named Rapid_falls263 recently asked the Reddit community to share their closest run-ins with death. The responses are terrifying and only emphasize life’s fragility.

They Were Just A Teenager 

“I was heading to school by train and was feeling like sh*t that morning. I even puked halfway to the train but shrugged it off. As I was standing on the platform waiting for the train, I was hoping I would feel better once I sat down.”

“A couple of minutes later, the train arrived, and I waited until the train stopped. Then, I walked towards it.”

“I blinked and was suddenly on my back on the train platform with a circle of people around me and a police officer asking me what day it was. It turns out that I had fainted while walking towards the train and fell down on the track behind the train. A passerby pulled me back up on the platform.”

“Had I positioned myself near the tracks a few seconds earlier– like I normally do– I would have fallen in front of the train. Instead, I got a mild concussion and a scar on my chin from the fall.”


She Was Just Showering

Sofia Zhuravetc –

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