This Beloved Mom Went Missing 12 Years Ago After Being Relentlessly Stalked: Although She Has Never Been Found, Her Ex Has Been Charged With Ending Her Life

Clarkston, Washington. On April 16, 2010, Rachael Anderson– a beloved mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, and friend from Clarkston, Washington– mysteriously went missing following months of stalking.

Ashley Colbert, Rachael’s daughter, watched as her mother became fearful for her life leading up to her disappearance. The stalking began in February of 2010 with incomprehensible phone calls.

In the beginning, Rachael would answer the phone, yet no one would respond. The caller also began playing muffled music through the phone as time went on.

Then, Rachael began receiving calls from numerous different phone numbers with disguised voices speaking to her on the other end.

They would repeat exactly what Rachael was doing in her home back to her– as if she was being watched like a hawk from the outside.

Rachael also noticed differences in her property, as if someone had been there. The lock on her shed was broken off, her car tires were slashed, and the back windshield was broken. She could also smell men’s cologne on her porch in the evenings.

Terrified, Rachael would often invite friends over to stay with her. While alone, Rachael slept in her living room with the lights on.

She filed various police reports throughout this time and began working with a detective who would check in on her daily.

Facebook; pictured above is Rachael

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