2 Years Ago, She Disappeared On Mother’s Day And Her Daughter Is Convinced That Her Neighbor Had Something To Do With It

It was May 10th, 2020 when 47-year-old Echo Lloyd vanished right out of her home located in Edwards, Missouri.

Earlier that day, Echo’s daughter Kelsey drove over to give her some Mother’s Day presents consisting of flowers and a card.

When her mom didn’t answer the door, Kelsey placed her presents right there on Echo’s porch. But 3 days later when Kelsey still had not heard from her mom, she reported her as missing.

In the days between Kelsey going to her mom’s house to deliver her presents and reporting her mom missing, Kelsey called her mom multiple times, though her mom never picked up.

Kelsey even drove back over to her mom’s house, where she was disheartened to find that nearly everything her mom owned wasn’t out of place.

Echo’s cash, her wallet, her license, and her car were all there, but her cellphone, her pistol, and her keys vanished along with her.

Facebook; pictured above is Echo

After Echo disappeared, there was no activity on her cellphone and the prescriptions she had filled at a local pharmacy had never been picked up.

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