31 Years Ago She Was Found Dead In A Motel, And Even Though There’s A Photo Of Her, Nobody Knows Who She Is

Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had sandy-colored strawberry blonde hair that was curly and long. She had greyish hazel eyes.

She stood at 5’7″ and weighed 140 pounds. She was as young as 18 and as old as 35. There’s even a photo of her that’s been circulated by the FBI, yet nobody knows who she is.

It was 31 years ago that she was found on June 5th, 1991. At an Albuquerque Super 8 Motel that sits close to I-25 and I-40 that day, someone realized that a man had booked a room, yet never checked out of it.

One of the motel staff members made their way down to that room to investigate, and when they walked inside, they found nothing that struck them as unusual, except for the fact that this unnamed young woman dead in the bathroom of that room.

Sadly, it appeared that she had possibly taken her own life with a piece of a suitcase. Although her body was already decomposing, there was a photo of her found inside the motel room.

FBI; pictured above is the photo of her found in the motel room

“There was no identification for the woman with her belongings,” the FBI explained. “She wore a “Trends”-brand multi-colored (white, pink, red, and yellow) tank top; size 31 “Guess Product by George Marciano” white denim pants; three-inch silver hoop earrings; and a wide metal bracelet.”

“A dark-colored purse and suitcase with women’s clothing were also found in the room.”

“Based on a recent tip, investigators believe the woman’s name “Becca.” She was reportedly from the Los Angeles County area (possibly Reseda or Sylmar, California) and flew from either Los Angeles or Burbank, California, to Albuquerque.”

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