35 Years Ago, This 15-Year-Old Left Home, Holding A Pair Of Purple Sunglasses In One Hand, But She Never Returned: Several Years Later, Her Dad Got A Strange Letter In The Mail Claiming To Know What Happened To Her

The year was 1987, and Alicia Markovich was your typical American teenager. She was 15, she was a freshman in high school, and she was pretty popular with her peers.

She ran track, she had great grades, and she was the kind of girl that stood up and did something if she saw any of her schoolmates being treated badly.

Alicia was bold. She was hilarious. She was a smart cookie. She spent her free time pouring over detective novels written by Agatha Christie, and then sadly, Alicia wound up becoming a person that detectives in her own hometown paid great attention to.

The last day that anyone laid eyes on Alicia was April 26, 1987; a Sunday. Alicia’s mom and dad were no longer married, and she mainly lived at her mom’s house in Windber, Pennsylvania.

That Sunday, Alicia’s dad stopped by in the morning to take her over to where he lived in Blairsville so Alicia could spend time with him.

Facebook; pictured above is Alicia

Not long after Alicia arrived at her dad’s, he recalled that they began disagreeing about several topics, including the boyfriend that Alicia had, the friends she picked, her grades, and even the fact that her mom had wanted him to pay more money in child support.

According to Alicia’s dad, she walked right out of his house and down the street, holding a pair of purple sunglass in one hand that a friend had loaned to her.

Alicia never told him where she was going, yet her dad assumed it had to be 1 of 2 places; either to one of her friend’s homes or to the downtown area of Blairsville.

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