35 Years Ago, This 15-Year-Old Left Home, Holding A Pair Of Purple Sunglasses In One Hand, But She Never Returned: Several Years Later, Her Dad Got A Strange Letter In The Mail Claiming To Know What Happened To Her

Each of these destinations was about 2 miles from where Alicia’s dad’s house sat, so it was quite walkable for her to reach either place.

Alicia’s dad said that as she walked off down the street, he yelled that she better be back by 8 that evening.

Dressed in her tennis shoes, jeans, and white striped crop top, Alicia kept walking away. At around 1 in the morning, Alicia’s dad phoned her mom to say that Alicia hadn’t made it back home.

When Alicia was reported missing the very next day, police in the area thought she may have run away from home, though Alicia’s mom and friends insisted she never would have done that.

Several years after Alicia disappeared, her case was reclassified; missing, presumed murdered.

13 years after Alicia’s disappearance, her dad got a strange letter in the mail that had been typed out.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; pictured above is an age-progressed photo of what Alicia might look like at 31-years-old

The author of the letter claimed to know what happened to Alicia. The author of the letter stated that Alicia had been murdered, before pointing out the alleged location of her remains.

“What gave me the idea to contact you was when I saw by chance an old missing persons flyer posted on the side of a mailbox in Philadelphia about 3 weeks ago,” the letter said, according to a website dedicated to finding Alicia.

“The second time I saw it, it was like everything faded to grey.  Nothing seemed real for a long time. I thought that it all had been forever buried.  I had spent the last 13 years erasing and boarding up the name Alicia Markovich in my mind and by seeing that, it opened up the flood gates so to say to a limitless sea of remorse, guilt, anxiety, inner sadness, and depression.”

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