She Shamed A Girl Online For Copying The Prom Dress That Another Girl In Their Class Picked

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A high school girl decided to create an Instagram account devoted to all the different prom dresses that the girls in her graduating class were planning on wearing to their upcoming prom.

She wanted this particular account to help make sure that none of the girls would copy one another for prom.

“The purpose of the Instagram was to post the girls’ dresses to insure people would steer clear of similar if not the same dress as someone else,” she explained.

So back in October of last year, a girl in her class named Libby posted a photo of her dress. Libby’s dress is royal blue colored and has a unique lace-up style back, a specific neckline, and a mermaid shape to it.

Another girl in her class named Sandy shared a photo of her dress on social media a few weeks ago; March 5th to be exact.

Now, Libby and Sandy’s dresses are not the same dress, but this girl thought that they looked “really similar.”

Sandy’s dress had the same color, neckline, and lace-up back that Libby’s did, and Sandy’s dress was also a mermaid style.

One of her classmates commented online about how Sandy’s dress looked way too much like Libby’s, and then more girls from her class started weighing in on the similarities.

“…I decided to comment on my personal account saying, “The point of the account is to make a sense of security for everyone and to prevent duplicate—similar or the same— dresses. If you get a dress later people should be doing their diligence to look at the Instagram,” she said.

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