She Shamed A Girl Online For Copying The Prom Dress That Another Girl In Their Class Picked

“Someone else comments saying, “Everyone who is saying Sandy is a bad person for getting a damn dress should grow…up you are acting childish. Saying things like that isn’t fair. She bought the dress so it’s over and done with if you don’t like it it’s your own damn fault” to which I respond with, “No one is saying they are a bad person people are just pointing out how disappointing it is for there to be such similar dresses.”

Suddenly, Sandy commented on the post insisting that her dress wasn’t “the same dress” as Libby’s, but she did admit that it had the “same color, shape, and maybe figure.”

Some more girls from their class then called Sandy out for saying “conflicting” things about her dress and the closeness to Libby’s dress.

She was reading along with all of these comments and watched as Sandy then said that there were a couple of dresses in royal blue with the same kind of style on the Instagram account, and that really made her mad.

She told Sandy, “No actually there isn’t. There are royal blue dresses, yes, but Libby’s dress was the only dress with a lace-up back certain neckline, and a mermaid figure all together.”

“So you can’t deflect onto other people when you got a dress so similar to have the same neckline, back, silhouette, and color.”

Sandy is not able to just return her dress, and she definitely shamed Sandy for “copying” Libby in front of their entire class online.

She’s wondering if what she did was mean, though she doesn’t seem remorseful at all. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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