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She Told Her Boyfriend That There’s No Way She’s Going To Wear His Grandma’s Ring If He Proposes To Her With It

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This woman and her boyfriend paid a trip to his family over the Christmas holidays, and things got awkward when they started talking about engagement rings.

She generally gets along well with his family, and they were having a nice night all together. His family joked about the couple getting engaged, and she played along, saying his mom could give him a ring to propose with.

It seems like her boyfriend took her joke seriously. At some point during their weekend with his parents, he went into another room with his mom, and she showed him her mother’s engagement ring.

However, the girlfriend had no idea. 

Later, when he asked her in the car whether she liked colored gemstones in a ring, she responded that she unequivocally did not. But then she said something that upset her boyfriend.

“I went a little too far and said I would never wear a colored ring and I would say yes to him but no to the ring.”

After this, her boyfriend was uncommunicative until she finally got him to admit his mother had given him an engagement ring with a colored stone that had belonged to his grandmother to propose with.

She apologized and said that she would have accepted, regardless of the way the ring looked, since it had sentimental value.

But as it turns out, when he finally showed her the ring, it wasn’t her style. Her boyfriend could gauge her disappointment and promised to get her a ring she would be proud of.

WavebreakmediaMicro – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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