She Was Dismembered And Then Buried Next To A Road: After 27 Years She Was Identified, Yet Her Killer Is Still On The Loose

20-year-old Katrina Bentivegna grew up in Colorado, but she then graduated high school in May of 1993 and moved to Oklahoma, during the summer months.

After arriving in the new state, Katrina got married a couple of months later in November and went on to have a son.

One of Katrina’s classmates from high school said that she was a “beautiful” young woman who also was a wonderful friend.

Sadly, this young newlywed was murdered and disposed of in a heartbreaking way. It was April 24th, 1995 when Katrina’s dismembered body was found buried in quite a shallow grave next to the roadside near Highway 281 and Route 66 in Caddo County, Oklahoma.

“The Caddo County Sheriff’s Office requested OSBI assistance with the investigation,” the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

“It was difficult to identify Bentivegna at the time because her feet, hands, and head were removed from her body.”

“In 1996, a skull was found that the OSBI later confirmed through DNA comparison belonged to the body found in 1995.”

Katrina’s skull was found a little over a mile away from where the rest of her had been buried.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation; pictured above is Katrina

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