She Was Just 21 When She Was Found Dead In A Motel Room Under Mysterious Circumstances And Her Mom Is Still Fighting For Answers 4 Years Later

21-year-old Libby Caswell was intelligent, beautiful, and a wonderful mom to her son. She loved with all of her heart, and she was incredibly close to her own mom, Cindy.

She was passionate about modeling and dancing. She was a cheerleader in high school, and that’s how she met the father of her son; he was a football player.

Libby ended up getting pregnant, and the father of her son treated her horribly after that. Libby’s mom Cindy says that Libby started seeing him on and off again. He choked her, stalked her, tormented her, and wouldn’t leave her alone when she tried to leave him behind for good.

Libby’s once very bright future got derailed as she got sucked into this young man’s turbulence. A year before Libby’s death, he wound up proposing to Libby and promising to do better for her and their son.

“A few months after they got engaged and seemed to be doing good…he changed her account password, drained all the money out of the account, and took the car to run away with a girl from work,” Cindy said in a Facebook post.

“Of course, that girl left him and he ended up back in jail. Libby was devasted. That is when she had enough and wanted to get her life together for her and her son.”

“She continued to work and got a roommate to split the bills. She saved her money to get herself another car and life was going good.”

But then, the father of Libby’s son was released from jail, and he began harassing Libby. Libby revealed to Cindy that she was scared for her life, yet she never completely cut the father of her son out of her own life as she wanted so desperately to help him.

Facebook; pictured above is Libby

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