She Went Out For A Drive One Night With A Friend And Wound Up Murdered In His Car

St. Louis, Missouri. 20-year-old Ashlyn Nicole Ketcherside adored spending her time outside in nature. She loved to stargaze, go on hikes, and paint.

She was close to her family and had a ton of friends. She lived in Farmington, Missouri, and her loved ones say that she just had “a beautiful soul.”

On the evening of October 31st, 2020, Ashlyn’s younger sister Hannah recalled that Ashlyn was feeling bored.

Ashlyn’s friend Josh Long came to pick her up so that they could go for a drive to St. Louis that night and do something instead of just sitting at home.

The last words Ashlyn’s dad Dink ever spoke to her were, “I love you.” Dink has always taken every opportunity to say those words to his children, and that night was no different.

“Ashlyn on the night of October 31st, 2020 decided to just ride along with Mr. Long to the city, just so she could get out of the house cause she was bored,” Hannah wrote in a Facebook post.

Facebook; pictured above is Ashlyn

“Little did she know, that was her last car ride. Now I was not there, I don’t know what all went down on that street, but what I do know is Ashlyn was ducked down, hiding in the passenger side floorboard.”

“Now, if I understand this right, whoever did this, wasn’t even aware my sister was in the vehicle. But tragically, 2 bullets went through the car perfectly and hit Ashlyn in the leg, and in her neck.”

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