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She Wore A Blue Ballgown To Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding And Upset The Bride

Anntuan -

A 27-year-old woman dated her 28-year-old ex-boyfriend for 5 long years, before breaking up 2 years ago.

They split on really good terms after moving to separate cities, and since then, they’ve kept in regular contact.

She happens to work in the same industry that he does, and they’re currently friends.

“So when he sent me an invitation to his wedding, I accepted since I didn’t think it would be super awkward and they were planning a pretty big wedding,” she explained.

“The location was fairly casual (think arboretum/garden) but my invitation said white-tie only. I reached out to my ex to confirm the dress code, but his fiancée (28F) messaged me from their joint Facebook instead.”

“She was very friendly and confirmed that they were expecting white-tie only and even said she was so excited to finally meet me.”

Her ex’s fiancée then asked her to come to the wedding in something pastel, as she was going to be wearing a “vibrant pink” wedding dress.

Her ex’s fiancée thought that if everyone was in pastel, she would stand out more in all of the photos.

She looked up what a white-tie dress code was, and since she had nothing in her closet that fit that, she went shopping.

Anntuan –

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