She’s In Love With Her Fiancé And Getting Married In Less Than 1 Month, But She Doesn’t Feel That She Can Truly Trust Him

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When it comes to planning out the details of your special day, such as the color palette, venue, music, and guest you want to attend, is it wrong for your partner to be not as interested in the planning portion of the process?

While your wedding day is a special ceremony intended to celebrate you and your spouse, some people hate being a part of the planning process and will drag out any task you throw their way.

Sure this can be frustrating to most. At the end of the day, most of us would love for our spouse to have some input or take a few tasks off our plate.

However, what if you have been in a relationship for some time, and while you knew they are quite the procrastinator, not assisting you with wedding plans makes you question if you even want to go through with the marriage.

A couple has been dating for over eight years now. They are supposed to be getting married in less than a month, and the future husband wants zero obligations when it comes to helping with the wedding.

So far, the wedding process has been an absolute nightmare and left in the hands of the future bride, who didn’t even want a wedding in the first place.

They are getting married because her husband will not have children until they are officially married.
She told him that she wanted a partner in life, and if they decided to have a wedding, he would have to help plan it.

“Not exaggerating, but every task has fallen on me, or I’ve had to remind him every week until he got it done,” she explained.

“Besides, when we had fights about this issue, he has never once offered to help or ask what he can do.”

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