She’s Worried That Her Neighbor Might Be Obsessed With Her

She was excited about the tank since she has reptiles as pets and the tank is perfect for them.

“The next few days we chat over text,” she explained. “I don’t mind the small talk. She asks for my Snapchat and I give it to her.”

“A few days pass and she starts Snapchatting me good morning. Not a huge deal. Was a little awkward but I’m socially awkward anyway, so I shook it off. But then throughout the day if I wouldn’t respond within 5-10 minutes of a text she would blow up my phone.”

“I started wondering if she may not have had many friends and that was why she was doing that. Well, she later said that she has a group of friends that she regularly hangs out with throughout the week.”

She stopped really replying to her neighbor since the messages were just nonstop. A day after she quit interacting with her neighbor, she went over to her neighbor’s house to show her a reptile that she has as a pet.

While she was over there, her neighbor gave her $300 worth of things that are for replies, and she thought she couldn’t say yes to being gifted something like that, yet her neighbor “insisted.”

She finally agreed to take them home as her neighbor said the things were just collecting dust in a closet.

She thanked her neighbor again and again for the kind gesture and returned home to start doing her homework.

A few hours later, she sees that her neighbor sent her 8 different messages. She clicked on the most recent message and was shocked to see it was a video of her neighbor in a red push-up bra.

“I quickly tapped through the video and put the phone down,” she said. “That made me so immensely uncomfortable. I just left it on open.”

“Today she kept bugging me, asking if she could take “spring pictures” of me. And only me. Not us together. Just me. In the middle of the woods.”

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