These People Debunked Common Survival Myths That May Actually Kill You

“People say that if you are in a tornado, you should open all your windows to equalize the pressure inside to match the outside.”

“But, opening any window or door will create a wind tunnel that rips your entire roof off.”


“Also, you waste time doing that when you need to get to the lowest part of the building or the innermost room. Cracks and small openings will take care of air pressure since buildings are not airtight.”

“The average lead time for tornado warnings in the U.S. is nine minutes. Yet, the most common refrain is that people do not take the warnings seriously.”


If You Are Lost, Don’t Look For Moss

“People say that moss grows on the north side of a tree. It can grow all over, so it is not a steadfast rule that you should make important decisions on.”


“I grew up in the rainy Pacific Northwest, and when I heard this as a kid, I looked at all the moss on every side of the trees. I thought that I just lived in the most Northern place.”


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