These Wedding Guests Opened Up About The “Trashiest” Weddings They Have Ever Been To

matilda553 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

While most weddings on social media might appear straight out of a fairy tale, the online community has also proved that there is no shortage of train wreck weddings.

One Reddit user recently asked people to recall the “trashiest wedding” they had ever been to. The tales range from cringe-worthy to downright inappropriate.

A Pig Exploded

“It was a really old friend of my wife’s wedding. My wife had not seen her in years but was still invited. The guy she was marrying was shirtless, wore black jeans, and his arms were covered in barbwire tattoos and quotes you’d find on skeleton memes.”

“It was quickly apparent that my wife and I were the only ones in attendance who did not live in a trailer park and practiced normal hygiene.”

“They were roasting what I thought was a suckling pig on a spit. But, as it cooked, I noticed its stomach swelling.”

“I asked the best man if it was a properly slaughtered pig. The best man proceeded to regale me with a tale of how he and the groom got plastered the night before, climbed into a nearby farm, and stole the pig.”

“It just so happened that while we were discussing the groom’s recent crime, the pig’s stomach exploded. Blood and guts poured out in enough quantities to put out the fire.”

“My wife and I had already given each other a look before this. Needless to say, we beelined for the car and left.”

matilda553 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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