This Dog Named Franklin Was Diagnosed With Deadly Distemper And His Owner Fought Hard To Save Him

New Braunfels, Texas. Jason York was trying to save his best friend of life from distemper, and he is humbly asking the GoFundMe community for help.

Jason described how Franklin came into his life as one of his foster dogs when Jason also had a lot to figure out.

The two immediately clicked after Jason wrapped Franklin in a blanket and cuddled him during the first night. “That’s when he stole my heart,” Jason wrote.

“I had fostered so many dogs before, but this little guy was different. He has a quirky little personality that was just infectious,” he added.

“Anyone who has met Franklin knows how special his personality is and how he’s just the happiest dog they’ve ever seen.”

Franklin is known as the “show stopper” at his local dog parks, as anyone who sees him would know he is special.

He would also chew on blankets when he gets nervous, enjoys some ice cream occasionally, and loves to show off his favorite stuffed animals to Jason.

Jason had struggled with his mental health before he met Franklin. Franklin is, as Jason expressed, “the light in the dark” and “my smile on the days I felt broken.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Franklin

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