This Little Corgi Has A Mass On His Liver

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lovely little Bandit is doing his absolute best to fight off a tumor that could turn out to be cancer.

And his owners, Laura Hogg and Fox Conlon, are raising money to expand the possibilities for Bandit as much as possible.

Bandit has always been a healthy and lively puppy to Laura and Fox. However, he started to act weirdly on a morning in March and was taken to the hospital immediately.

After the first X-ray examination, the vet informed the owners that Bandit had internal bleeding in his abdomen.

The hospital then took two ultrasound exams to confirm that they had found a mass on Bandit’s liver, which was likely the source of bleeding.

“They told us that the mass is possibly a hemangiosarcoma, a potentially aggressive tumor that would need to be removed to stop the bleeding,” Laura wrote.

The news shocked Laura and Fox as Bandit had never shown any signs of illness or even discomfort.

Laura stated that Bandit always receives regular health checkups, and the numbers are always standard. In fact, before his diagnosis in March, Bandit had just received another checkup in December 2021, and the results were still all healthy.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Bandit

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