This Mini Aussie’s Dad Died And So Did His Brother: Now He’s Looking For A Loving New Home

Charlotte, North Carolina. Ozzie is an adorable 5-year-old mini Australian Shephard from the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Ozzie’s dad got him back when he was just a puppy, and his dad has had him for his entire life. Sadly, Ozzie’s dad passed away recently, leaving him in need of a loving new home.

“Ozzie needs your help,” a woman named Alexia wrote in a Facebook post a couple of hours ago.

“His story will break your heart. Comes with family pledges. Please like, comment and share… any action shows you care.”

“Living in a remote area with their beloved owner, Aussie brothers Ozzie and Auggie, found themselves in great peril last month when their dad passed unexpectedly.”

“With no one to help and no one aware of their plight, the brothers faced days and then weeks of trying to survive on their own.”

Facebook; pictured above is Ozzie as a puppy

“Whether of hunger or a broken heart, at some point, Auggie curled up on his daddy’s lap and passed too.”

The odds were certainly stacked against Ozzie, but he pulled through. He survived his situation, but his life is in jeopardy once again if he can’t be placed with a family that will love and provide for him.

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