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This Mom Forced Her Daughter To Miss Her Best Friend’s Wedding

deineka - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

One woman has a 19-year-old daughter that she’s a mom to and between her and her daughter, it’s a pretty rough situation.

She labels her daughter as “L” to protect her identity, but let’s just refer to her daughter as “Lauren” to make things easier.

Lauren is best friends with a girl who is labeled as “J.” Let’s call her “Jessica.” The two have been best friends for 13 years. Lauren’s mother describes them as behaving like sisters.

Jessica was scheduled to get married on April 1st, and Lauren was so excited to attend. It was going to be the first wedding she had ever gone to, and it would be her best friend’s special day.

Suddenly, Lauren fell ill with chickenpox around one week before the wedding.

After dealing with the awful chickenpox symptoms, Lauren had finally started to feel better a week later, two days before Jessica’s wedding.

However, Lauren’s mother told her she could not go. She explained to Lauren that she shouldn’t attend in order to prevent spreading the chickenpox to Jessica and other wedding guests.

Lauren disagreed with her mom, arguing that Jessica wouldn’t care if she came after having chickenpox since Lauren was pretty much healed.

According to the CDC, those who have not been vaccinated against chickenpox usually have the illness for 4-7 days.

deineka – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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