This Pregnant 17-Year-Old Disappeared A Decade Ago And Now The Hunt Is On To Find Her Body After A Man Pleaded Guilty To Her Murder

St. Petersburg, Florida. It was July 25th, 2012, and 17-year-old Morgan Martin was pregnant with a little girl.

Just after the clock struck midnight that evening, Morgan let her family know that she was going to step out of the house to see the father of her unborn baby; 24-year-old Jacobee Flowers.

When Morgan was nowhere to be found the following morning, her mom Leah called the police to report her as missing.

“The initial investigation was unable to locate Morgan, but detectives focused on 24-year old Flowers,” the St. Petersburg Police Department explained in a statement.

“Flowers denied any knowledge of Morgan’s whereabouts and minimized his relationship with Morgan. He denied fathering her unborn child.”

“Investigators sought out any other potential persons who might be connected to Morgan’s disappearance. Everything continued to point toward Flowers as the only person of interest.”

“After several months of investigation and searches, Morgan was not found and the case grew cold.”

3 years after Morgan’s disappearance, a Cold Case Unit was formed at the St. Petersburg Police Department, and her case was one of the main focuses of the new unit.

St. Petersburg Police Department; pictured above is Morgan

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