This State Trooper Swooped In To Save Two Small Squirrels In The Middle Of A Dangerous Road

Two days ago in Ithaca, New York, a State Trooper was driving along when he spotted something a little frightening.

Two small squirrels were running around in the middle of a very dangerous road, and instead of continuing on his way, he stopped his patrol car to do something about it.

Trooper Lee swooped in to save the two small squirrels before anyone could come along and hit them.

The New York State Police shared the news of Trooper Lee’s kindness on social media, along with several adorable photos of him with the little squirrels that he stopped to save that day.

“These little ones were in the middle of a busy and potentially dangerous roadway in the town of Ithaca today,” the New York State Police explained in their post.

“And just in the nick of time, a man in grey, wearing a purple tie spots them… Trooper LaVonte’ Lee swooped in to save the day bringing them to safety! Looks like he made some new friends on Earth Day!”

Facebook; pictured above is Trooper Lee with the two small squirrels that he stepped into save from a certainly terrible fate

It’s always wonderful to see someone take time out of their day to be so kind to any animal, and people took to the comments section of the New York State Police’s post on Trooper Lee to thank him for his thoughtful work.

One person said, “You are a hero, Sir!! Thank you for being so kind and compassionate to these babies!!

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