6 Weeks After Adopting This Dog, They Learned That His Leg Was Broken From Being Shot

Jasper, Texas. Daniel and Lisa Codner-O’Flaherty ask the GoFundMe community to help a poor pup, Ferdia, that they stepped in to save.

Daniel and Lisa explained that they adopted Ferdia around February 2022. When they first saw Ferdia, he was in a horrible condition: the dog was highly emaciated, and he also seemed to have a broken hip.

Lisa and Daniel first thought that Ferdia was perhaps hit by a car before when seeing the wound. The two assumed the injury was from a while ago due to Ferdia’s average activity level. In addition, the pup seemed very used to exploring with his three other healthy legs.

It was not until several weeks after Daniel and Lisa took in Ferdia that the two noticed Ferdia had two more open wounds on his body. The worst part was that the wounds were draining, which became alarming to them.

Knowing they could not leave the wounds untreated, Daniel and Lisa took immediate action. They came across a lady who does animal rescue, and she had agreed to take Ferdia to her local vet if Daniel and Lisa could get Ferdia to her.

So Lisa and Daniel decided to drive several hours to get the help Ferdia needed with the confirmed good news.

After examinations, the local vet had confirmed that Ferdia’s leg was indeed fractured because he had been shot, and there were draining wounds on him due to bullet fragments left in his hip, which caused infections.

Ferdia had been receiving IV antibiotics and pain medication since his examinations. The hospital had also vaccinated him and given him meds for flea, tick, and heartworm tests.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Ferdia

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