An Oversized T-Shirt Is One Of The Best Things That You Can Possibly Have In Your Closet, And Here Are A Few Ways That You Can Style This

Evgenia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Oversized t-shirts have become quite the hot commodity nowadays when it comes to street-inspired fashion.

This mainstream trend has taken over the retail market by storm as ladies look for a classic, comfortable way of wearing their everyday apparel.

No matter your personal style, oversized t-shirts are a game-changer for everyone.

While there is always room in our closet for tight dresses, crop tops, bodysuits, and tank tops, the classic t-shirt will always find its way into our wardrobe.

If you are unsure how to style this trend and still look cute, no worries, we have your back!

One of the most popular ways to style an oversized tee is by pairing it with biker shorts, sneakers, a chunky chain, and a mini purse. Most girls who carry this look will include dainty hoop earrings, stylish sunglasses, and a claw clip.

Are you looking for a classic brunch style or afternoon outing with friends? Grab your favorite t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, dainty jewelry, and some heels.

For a more fitted look, consider tying the front of your tee into a knot while letting the back of the tee drape. If you’re not a fan of the knot, try tucking in just the front of your shirt for a similar style.

Is it a t-shirt or a dress? The world may never know! So pair your oversized tee with tiny bottoms to mimic a mini dress style.

Evgenia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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