Body Positive Role Model Halle Hathaway Gives The Best Pep Talks For Feeling Confident In Your Own Skin

Halle Hathaway does influencer marketing for Abercrombie and is a body positivity role model on Instagram.

Halle is open about her history with an eating disorder and uses her social media to show others that their bodies are beautiful just as they are.

In one Instagram post, she showed her followers that pictures on the internet are just an illusion and that everybody looks different from various angles.

She posted two photos of herself standing so her stomach protruded in one and not the other. She wrote in the caption, “Neither one of these girls are “prettier,” BECAUSE IT’S THE SAME GIRL (ME).”

Then, she shared what side-by-side photos like hers tend to represent, saying what her post wasn’t: “A weight-loss progress photo. A workout program transformation. A morning vs. evening photo. Photoshopped Filtered Fake.” She shared what her two photos were; “JUST ME 5 SECONDS APART.”

Her point was that there was no “aspirational” photo since both pictures were just a body. “It’s okay for your body to look different ways,” she wrote.

“One way is not better than the other, it’s just different.” And she pointed out that models in magazines don’t always look the same either and that their bodies are just bodies, too.

Another of Halle’s posts tackled the age-old “summer body” myth. She critiqued the damaging rhetoric around getting your body “back” in time for swimsuit season — “You never lost your body, so you don’t need to “get it back,” she wrote, pointing out what would be obvious without years of targeted ad campaigns.

Instagram; pictured above is Halle

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