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He Took His Girlfriend Out To Eat But After She Ordered Spaghetti, He Left Her There By Herself

The most problematic place he takes Ally out to is a restaurant that serves Italian food, and 9 out of 10 times Ally has embarrassed him with her eating habits.

“I know I shouldn’t care what other people think, but I agree with the patrons,” he said. “It’s disgusting. People are trying to enjoy a meal.”

Since Ally has embarrassed him so much at this particular place, he let her know that he was no longer going anywhere with her if she was going to choose to order pasta.

Well, on one recent evening, Ally insisted on going with him to this Italian restaurant, and he wanted to know what she would be ordering.

Ally promised to get something aside from spaghetti, so he thought they would be in the clear. They went out together, and he was upset when Ally took back what she said and placed an order for the very thing he hates to see her eat in public.

“I told the waitress I wouldn’t be needing anything, stood up, and walked to our car,” he continued.

“I relaxed in the car listening to a podcast until Ally came out a while later. She sat down and started giving me the silent treatment.”

After arriving home, Ally broke her silence and began shouting at him that he humiliated her in that restaurant. Ally fully expected him to apologize, but he wouldn’t. He was left thinking that maybe what he did was a bit outrageous.

Do you think so, or do you think he had every right to leave Ally to eat alone, knowing he would be embarrassed?

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