Her Boyfriend Purposely Let Her Think That He Doesn’t Make A Lot Of Money In Order To Test Her

Her boyfriend then told her that he in fact makes 6 figures annually, so he’s pretty well off. Her boyfriend not exactly telling her about what he does for a living isn’t what she has a problem with; it’s the reason behind why he did not set her straight.

“He said women have been attracted to him for his money and with me being younger and a single mom that doesn’t make a lot, he wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case with me,” she said.

“I was hurt, I’m not that type of person. I’d understand not telling me for the first few months but over a year? I don’t want to break up over this but I do wonder if there are other things I don’t know and if there are more “tests” he wants to do on me.”

She’s wondering how she can get over all of this. Do you think she should focus on getting over everything, or do you think she should focus on finding someone who isn’t going to treat her like this?

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