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Her Former Sister-In-Law Had No Clue That Her Ex-Husband Divorced Her Due To Her Weight Gain, So She Told Her The Truth

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Close to a decade ago, a 37-year-old woman got divorced from her 38-year-old husband. She and her husband tied the knot when they were only 19-years-old, and they dated for about 3 years before jumping into marriage so young.

So, when she hit the middle of her 20s, she and her husband split up, and it was because she packed on a ton of weight.

During that point in her life, she was extremely stressed out at her job and her mental health just wasn’t in the best place.

All of this led to her having an even more unhealthy relationship with food than she already did.

“When I married my husband, I weighed about 120lbs, but right before we divorced I weighed 240,” she explained.

“My husband sat me down after the first forty or so and told me he was concerned about my health and said that if I kept gaining weight, he wouldn’t be attracted to me anymore. Hearing this devastated me but I decided to really try to lose weight.”

“It didn’t work, though. If anything, trying to diet just made it worse, as I started feeling guilty eating at all which led to more binging.”

She had another discussion with her husband about her weight gain, and they came to the conclusion mutually that it was time to part ways.

They didn’t have children together, so it was relatively simple for them to proceed with a divorce. Although many people might be angry or upset to have their marriage end over their weight gain, she’s not.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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