Her Friend Is Mad At Her For Buying A Prom Dress That’s Pretty Similar To The One She’s Wearing

illustrissima - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A teen is set to be going to prom soon, and she looked for what felt like forever for the perfect prom dress.

She’s already shopped at every store around her without finding a dress she adored, so she then began her search online.

“I’m very picky about what I like and took a long time to find something that I felt would fit my body type and would be affordable to hem (as I’m 5’ and wanted a long dress),” she explained.

“So I eventually found this very simple dress that seemed perfect, which is basically just a silk a-line dress.”

Well, the dress she picked to wear to prom is pretty similar to the one her friend is going to be wearing to prom.

Now, her dress and her friend’s dress do have different necklines. Her dress has a cowl neckline, while her friend’s dress does not.

Her dress also has a side slit, whereas the dress her friend has doesn’t have this feature at all.

Although her dress and her friend’s dress are pretty much the same exact shade, they do have differences.

“The dress my friend was planning on wearing was the same dress she had worn to a school dance three years ago, so she was able to just pull it out of her closet,” she said.

illustrissima – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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