Her Grandma Is Trying To Shame Her Into Wearing The Conservative Dress She Bought Her For Prom

AS Photo Project - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A teen girl has her prom coming up this week, and last Monday, she managed to find a dress while out shopping that she absolutely adored.

The color of the dress she picked out for prom is perfect to her, although the detail that she finds less than perfect is the spaghetti-style straps on the dress.

She thinks that her arms are on the “chubby” side, so wearing a dress with spaghetti straps doesn’t hide any part of your arms.

She just felt so amazing when she put the dress on though that she figured she could muster up the confidence to ignore her arms being on full display.

She bought the dress and took it home, feeling great about how she was going to look at prom.

“But today my grandma called and said she found me a perfect dress and I told her that there’s no need to buy it since she knew I had already bought a dress and saw me in it,” she explained.

“I thought nothing more but when I came home the dress was on my bed. It’s the definition of a conservative dress: long-sleeved to cover my arm fat, long enough and flowy to cover up my thighs that have cellulite.”

“And I don’t want to cover up. I’m happy with my body even though I know I want to change some things about it.”

She very kindly pointed out to her grandma that she would prefer to wear the dress that she had already bought for prom instead of the one her grandma got for her.

AS Photo Project – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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