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Her Mom And Dad Lost Their House, But She’s Not Letting Them Move In With Her Because She Wants Her Cats And Dogs To Have Their Own Room

Her parents then laced into her for how she chooses to live her life and set up her house.

She really did get upset with them and said nevermind, they are not welcome to live with her at all after what they had to say.

She has never had a good relationship with her mom and dad, and she was quite close to cutting them out of her life entirely.

Growing up, her parents made her weigh her food and herself, chastised her about expenses, and did other things to control every aspect of her life.

Despite all of the terrible things her parents have done to her, she was really willing to let them live with her until they freaked out over her pet room.

“Since then, I’ve been being bombarded by their messages saying that they’re in a hotel (spending what they shouldn’t) and next week they’ll go to a shelter because I uninvited them and preferred my pets over not leaving them homeless,” she said.

She does have other family members that could offer her mom and dad assistance, yet they haven’t, due to how her parents behave.

She thought it was best to just block her mom and dad in the end, though she’s still curious if it was wrong of her to not let them move in.

What do you think?

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