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Her Neighbor Tried To Euthanize His Dog Himself And She Spent Hours Looking For The Dog So She Could Rescue Him

Decapolis, Virginia. You heard the name “Pluto,” and it’s a name given to a dog; what would you think of it? What image has popped into your mind?

I bet it is Pluto, the beloved yellow dog who is also Mickey Mouse’s best friend. 

But sadly, the Pluto we are talking about today was not as lucky, at least not from the beginning.

Pluto is a one-year-old chocolate labrador. We weren’t sure if the first year of his life was happy or full of love from his previous owner.

But, Fallon Braun, Pluto’s then neighbor, described that Pluto’s previous owner attempted to euthanize him by himself in early April–simply because the man decided he didn’t want Pluto anymore.

Even more tragically, the man didn’t even try in a more “peaceful” or “non-painful” way by taking Pluto to the hospital. Instead, the man was trying to shoot Pluto to death.

Fortunately, Pluto managed to escape from the property. And after noticing the incident, his neighbor, Fallon, tried to search for him so she could rescue Pluto.

After hours of searching, they found Pluto alive, “by grace,” Fallon said.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Pluto

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