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Her Parents Took Her Out To A Seafood Restaurant To Celebrate Her Graduation Even Though She’s Highly Allergic To Seafood

Kalim - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 21-year-old woman graduated with her master’s degree last Monday, and her family all came to celebrate her graduation as a big surprise for her.

Her loved ones traveled 2,000 miles to be there with her for graduation, and while she does love her family dearly, there’s a reason she moved so far away from them to complete her college education.

Her family doesn’t know how to respect boundaries, and her parents are not exactly emotionally available.

“We had a good time at the ceremony and took pictures and all, and my dad said we had reservations so to wrap it up,” she explained.

“My mother had asked me (like a week before I want to say) where I wanted to go, a Brazilian churrascaria or a fancier American steakhouse. I picked the Brazilian because of the budget and how many people we had, trying to be mindful (11 total).”

After finishing up at her graduation ceremony, they ended up at a restaurant, but it wasn’t Brazilian or American.

Instead, her parents picked out a seafood restaurant, and she’s highly allergic to seafood. Since she’s really allergic to everything that’s in the sea, she couldn’t eat anything on the menu except for chicken and french fries or steak.

She then felt disappointed that her mom didn’t say anything about the fact that she could have an allergic reaction, especially considering that her mom is also allergic to a lot of what was on the menu.

Her allergies to seafood are so bad that she does constantly carry an Epi-Pen around with her.

Kalim – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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