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He’s Suddenly More Than $5 Million Dollars Richer And Convinced That His Girlfriend Is Nothing But A Gold Digger

Instead, his girlfriend made him take her out to what he says are insanely expensive places, and his girlfriend proceeded to order more than $1,000 of wine for every single dinner.

As the bill came each time, his girlfriend wanted him to pay for it all on his own. Previously in their relationship, they have split every single bill since they each have excellent jobs in the technology space.

“Not only this as soon as she found out about me selling my shares (I kept it all quiet until the end and she didn’t know I was a founder) she basically demanded that we take steps to get married,” he said.

“I avoided the question but it came back today, I said later but only with a prenup, and she went into basically an adult tantrum.”

It’s easy to see why he thinks his girlfriend only cares about his money, and he’s seriously concerned about staying with her.

Of course, it’s tough to throw away a 3-year relationship, but he’s seeing so many red flags that he’s pretty sure it’s time to break up with her.

He’s wondering if it’s time to move on from her and if these red flags are really her true nature. What do you think; does it sound like she’s using him for his money?

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