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His Wife Is Having Their First Child Next Month So He’s Not Getting Her Anything For Mother’s Day Because He Doesn’t Think She’s A Mom Yet

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A 32-year-old man has been with his 30-year-old wife for 14 years. They started dating back when they were 18 and 16, so they definitely are high school sweethearts and they’ve spent a long time with one another.

Right now, his wife is currently pregnant with their first child, and the baby is going to be due in the middle of next month.

Since Mother’s Day is coming up, his wife told him that she really would like for him to get her a present for Mother’s Day.

What she has in mind is quite an expensive hairdryer.

When his wife said this to him, he was confused. She’s not having their baby for approximately another month, so he doesn’t think she should get a present for Mother’s Day at all.

“I told her that I was absolutely not going to get her a Mother’s Day present until next year when we actually have a baby,” he explained.

His wife seemed to be pretty hurt by his response, and she informed him that if he doesn’t go through with getting her a present as she asked, she won’t buy him a Father’s Day gift until 2023.

“I think it’s absurd to expect a present for a holiday that you don’t qualify for,” he said. “Where do you draw the line?!”

“Would you expect a Mother’s Day gift if you were in a childless relationship but had pets?”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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