Martha Stewart Shared Her Favorite Recipe For Guacamole On TikTok

Suppose you’re not a cooking connoisseur, no worries! We have lined up the best chef in town to handle all of your cooking necessities while giving you all the best trade secrets in the business.

Martha Stewart is an outstanding American businesswoman who displays her talents in all genres, including lifestyle, entertainment, cookbooks, cookware, etc.

As a jack of all trades, Martha is very well known for her amazing recipes and growing her lifestyle brand.

While she focuses most of her energy on gourmet cooking, you can catch Martha Stewart entertaining you on the infamous app, TikTok, where she talks about gardening, her beloved pups, famous friends, and other life adventures.

When she is not busy being besties with Snoop Dog, giving her pups a royal paw bath, or teaching us how to fix up a quick and easy lemon fettuccine, you may catch Martha dishing up some other recipes all while sharing some cooking secrets.

The amazing Martha has gathered over a million followers on her TikTok account, which means most of you might have beat us to the punch when it comes to the fantastic discovery of Martha Stewart’s favorite recipe for guacamole.

Suppose there is any chance you are the one in 960,000 that has not, then perfect! So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty with this fantastic recipe.

She starts the dip-making process with four avocados that should be soft to the touch but not too mushy.

TikTok; pictured above Martha tastes her guacamole 

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