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She Agreed To Go To Prom With One Of Her Friends After His Mom Asked, But Then She Canceled Since She Was Afraid It Would Be An Awkward First Date

“He’s a gentleman, which makes things that much more difficult. Why wouldn’t I want to date a gentleman? My thing is that Leto being a gentleman shouldn’t be enough to like him.”

Every time she tried to get closer to Leto and really figure out who he was over the years, she didn’t end up being interested in him in more than a friend kind of way.

She honestly thought he was “cringy” instead of dreamy, yet, she agreed to go with him as her feelings were still up in the air.

The day after Martha organized her going to prom with Leto, she instantly felt guilty and like she had made a “mistake” saying yes.

“Now my prom would be an awkward date, instead of the celebration I wanted it to be,” she continued.

“Later that evening he asked me to prom himself saying he wanted to do it formally. That was a very nice thing of him to do but it made me regret saying yes even more.”

“This awkwardness would manifest at my prom, and I just couldn’t see myself with him in that sort of way.”

“Nor do I feel we could attend this just being friends, ignoring the feelings we’ve previously had or he currently has.”

One day after coming to this realization, she revealed to her dad and mom that she didn’t want to go to prom with Leto after all.

Although she took the time to explain her whole situation, her mom was unhappy with her choice, while her dad was sympathetic towards her.

She just felt pressured into going to prom with Leto. She felt pressure from his mom, Martha, and she felt pressure from her family as well.

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