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She Agreed To Go To Prom With One Of Her Friends After His Mom Asked, But Then She Canceled Since She Was Afraid It Would Be An Awkward First Date

She was hit with guilt too for saying yes in the first place, and for telling Leto that she had feelings for him when she saw in hindsight that she didn’t.

She then confronted Leto and let him know the truth; she wanted to go to prom alone. After that, she placed a call to Martha, and Martha was quite understanding.

Martha even apologized for being the one to initiate the prom date in the first place, and Martha said that she was “proud” of her for being so honest about her feelings.

Although nobody was truly mad at her when she canceled on Leto, she still feels so bad about changing her mind last minute and going back on what she agreed on.

Do you think she did the right thing by telling everyone she wanted to go to prom alone, instead of with Leto?

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