She Belly Danced At Her Sister’s Wedding And Now Her Sister Is Mad At Her

Her newlywed sister whined about how she had shown off too much at the wedding and essentially stole attention away.

“I was not trying to show off and I was definitely not doing too much,” she said. “She only has a problem with me and not any of the other 4 dancers.”

“Apparently, she’s very upset and it makes no sense at all. I want to meet up with her and remind her that I only did what she begged me to do, but both my mother and other sister said that I shouldn’t.”

Her other sister and her mom believe she should not confront her newlywed sister and instead should do nothing to “ruin” things for her.

It really bothers her that her sister is going around hurling false accusations at her, and instead of listening to her mom and other sister, she wants to take a stand.

Do you think she should heed her mom and other sister’s advice, or should she say something to her newlywed sister despite their wishes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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