She Doesn’t Want To Take Her Mom To Go Wedding Dress Shopping Since She Always Makes Mean Comments About Her Weight

georgerudy - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman is marrying her fiancé and is struggling with her mother, who tends to nitpick her looks and deliver backhanded compliments.

So when it came time to try on wedding dresses, she decided to make a day of it with her bridesmaids and shop for their dresses.

When she chose only to invite her two bridesmaids, sister-in-law, and sister, her mother became upset, dragging her whole family into the argument.

She knew the issue was becoming larger when her step-father began probing her for answers to why she was excluding her mother.

Though she has fair reasons for not inviting her mother, her dad seems bent on guilting her into doing so.

 “My whole life my mum has seemed so toxic to me and selfish,” she explained.

“She will always make little comments about my appearance or weight, or be ‘telling a story’ she heard about someone else but still throw a little jab in there about me.”

Her sister was the one to tell their mother about the shopping trip. So now, her mother is communicating through her sister, asking again and again why she wasn’t invited.

Still, she is afraid to address the deeper issues in their relationship. And the trip itself is set to be drama free — she described wanting it to be “an intimate day with my bridesmaids that I don’t see often.”

georgerudy – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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