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She Found Out That Her Ex-Boyfriend Was Hiding Out Under Her Bed In Her Dorm Room For Weeks

Libby Cleave thought she had a clean break up with a guy she had dated for a year and a half but then it all turned out to be a traumatic experience…

…After she found out her ex had been spying on her from beneath her bed.

Libby claimed in her TikTok @libbycleaves video that the two of them started well. He was this “nice guy” she met, and they both were in college at the time.

They had met each others’ friends, and she had also met his parents. Everything was looking good and going so smoothly that they even considered marriage and their future together.

After they had dated for about a year and a half, Libby started to entertain the idea of wanting to break up with her boyfriend because “emotionally, he wasn’t very intelligent,” Libby stated in her second video.

At the same time, her boyfriend had also begun responding strangely to certain things, sometimes shutting Libby out completely.

There was even one point when the guy’s mother called after knowing Libby was seeking a breakup.

She then asked Libby if her boyfriend was taking his medicine.

TikTok; pictured above is Libby in one of her videos

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