She Was Found Dead In Her Submerged Car, But It Isn’t Clear How She Died Or How She Got There

Mobile, Alabama. It was July 17th, 2018, and 25-year-old Danniella Vian bought herself a new car that day before heading out to meet some of her friends to hang out at a local bar.

Well, technically only one of those friends was someone that Danniella was close to and knew well. The rest of the people that she hung out with that night were friends of this friend and not well known to Danniella.

At the bar, Danniella and her companions had a couple of drinks, and then they decided to leave and go to another place.

In the middle of driving to the next destination, Danniella and some of her acquaintances stopped by a local gas station to try to see if Danniella’s phone got lost in her car.

One of the guys that Danniella was with was trying to find her phone in the car, and during his search, he kept trying to call her phone through Facebook since he did not actually have Danniella’s number.

In the process of calling Danniella’s phone, he left multiple voice messages that then got sent to Dannella in a message thread on the social media app.

Britney Irvin, one of Danniella’s best friends, was able to get her hands on these voice recordings, which she later listened to and broke down in a Facebook post.

Britney said that you can hear Danniella is with this guy and another unknown girl at the gas station, and it’s easy for Britney to tell on the voice recordings that Danniella had far too much to drink.

Facebook; pictured above is Danniella

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