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She Went On A Few Wonderful Dates With A Guy Before Finding Out That He Lied About His Age By A Whole Decade

blackday - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman recently met a guy through a dating app that she was on, and then she agreed to go out on a first date with him.

That first date was amazing, and she felt so comfortable around him, which is quite rare for her. She was really into him and interested in getting to know more about him, she booked a second date with him.

That second date was wonderful, and she could see so many things about this guy that she was liking. Green flags all around.

Things got physical between them, and she was pleased to find that they had a great connection. She never moves so fast with any guys, but this guy was really different.

They were sitting there in bed together, chatting and having a good time, and she asked him what his age was.

“His profile had said 37, but I couldn’t remember if he was 35-39,” she explained. “He told me he is actually 47, which surprised me.”

“He said he changed his age because the app would only match him with “grandmas” and he acts and looks young for his age.”

She initially thought he was nearing the higher end of his 30s, so finding out that he was an entire decade older than he claimed to be was suspicious to her.

On top of that, his remarking about matching with grandmas made her stop and reflect on what this guy really finds important.

blackday – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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