She Went On One Date With A Guy Before He Said He Loves Her And She’s Wondering If That’s A Problem

Sofiia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 19-year-old girl recently met a 21-year-old guy at a restaurant where he was working as a waiter. She instantly felt that he piqued her interest, but she didn’t say anything to him, even after she was done eating and had plenty of time to do so.

Instead, she walked out of the place, but then decided she wanted to return to ask if he would give her his Instagram name.

So, back she went, and she was pleasantly surprised when he agreed to give her his social media contact info.

They started talking on Instagram from there, and then they exchanged numbers so that they could text one another.

Two days after she met him, he asked her out on a date. They got dinner together, then they went out to grab bubble tea.

As they were talking over their bubble teas, she leaned in to kiss him, and it went pretty great.

Several days after their first date, she ran into him at the restaurant where he works. He was having a somewhat slow day, so she was able to stop to talk to him.

“He is a very sweet, attentive, and hard-working guy so I was really happy about it,” she explained.

“Then we went to the washroom to make out, trying to not get caught by his boss. When we were done he told me: “I love you.”

Sofiia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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