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She’s Not Letting Her Sister’s Fiancé Come To Her Graduation Party Because This Guy Is Awful

“He was just a very rude guy who didn’t seem to have any manners at all. Literally, the first time I met him, he said my sister got all the looks in the family as a joke.”

Then, a few months ago, David hooked up with his ex and baby mama, and her sister found out. Her sister took her belongings and left David as soon as she knew about what he did.

She was so sad that David wronged her sister, but she was proud that her sister had the courage to leave the relationship, though it only lasted one day.

“Literally not even 24 hours later, he proposed to her, gave her a speech about how much he loves her and can’t see his life without her, and she cried with joy and said yes,” she said.

So, she has plenty of valid reasons to not like David, and she is well within her rights to not want this guy to ruin her graduation party.

After her sister asked about what kind of a graduation gift she and David should bring to her party, she reminded her sister that David is not invited.

Her sister fought back; insisting that she and David are a package deal and it’s not reasonable of her to exclude David from the party.

“I told her that’s completely fine, and that the pair of them can simply not attend my party then,” she continued.

She’s pretty convinced that it’s perfectly ok for her to stand firm on not inviting David. Do you agree, or do you think she should invite him to make her sister feel better?

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