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She’s Worried That The Older Guy She’s Dating Is Going To Lose His Interest In Her Since She Isn’t As Successful As He Is

She believes that once he sees that she really is not as successful as he is, he will lose his interest in her.

Additionally, his family is very wealthy and very close, and her family isn’t any of those things at all.

He has never asked her about her financial situation, and she hasn’t told him. She does not have a college degree and she doesn’t see a path to making more money or moving up in a career without that.

She’s not sure if her own insecurities around her job are making her more worried than she should be about what he will think of her once he knows everything.

“I know he thinks I’m attractive and cool, but those things alone are not going to keep a relationship going,” she added.

“I’m afraid he’s going to want someone as his “equal” as I cannot afford to go on all of his trips and live the way he does.”

She does want to pursue a long term relationship with him, but she never wants him to feel that she can’t keep up with his lifestyle

“If you were the man in this situation, what would you think?” she wondered. “Would you still be interested in me despite everything you know?”

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