This Abandoned Dog Accidentally Stepped On A Piece Of Glass And Needed Emergency Surgery

Nicole and Kaleb are the parents of 7 sweet pets and brought Garmr into their home when they rescued the pup from a bad situation.

The pitbull had been living in an abandoned apartment after her owner left her there with other dogs and cats.

The couple shared their background and deep devotion to their fur family on their GoFundMe page, which will benefit their newest rescue.

“We have 2 dogs, 4 cats, a rat, and a recuse chicken. We just finished our wildlife rehab classes and are volunteering with AWARE.”

As soon as the couple met Garmr, they knew she would be the perfect addition to their family, and they were right; after she was vaccinated and spayed, she got along perfectly with their other pitbull and brought so much love into their home.

However, a scary accident sent the family reeling and jeopardized Garmr’s life. 

A glass milk container was knocked over on their back steps while they were letting out the dogs one night, and before they knew it, Garmr had stepped on the glass and sustained a severe injury.

They brought her to the ER, and the vet found that the cut was extremely deep. In the update, the family wrote, “The cut went almost down to the bone and severed her artery, tendons, and muscle.” However, they shared that after surgery, her prospects looked good.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Garmr

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