This Bernedoodle Was Gravely Injured In A Hit-And-Run And Then A Good Samaritan Tried To Chase Down The Driver

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Like everyone else, never had Corey Macdonald and his fiancée ever thought their beloved family would become the victim of a hit and run.

Their fur buddy, Champ, is a one-year-old Bernedoodle and will soon turn two this June. This small family of three lives quietly in the West Allis community in Wisconsin.

The incident happened on April 21, closer to 5 PM. Corey’s fiancée was jogging around the neighborhood with Champ.

While the two were standing on the curb at a four-way intersection, a silver car rolled in with the driver not looking at all the directions properly, made a turn, and ran over Champ.

Corey’s fiancée had Champ on a three to four feet harness attached to her waist, so it wasn’t like Champ was loose while running outside.

Corey had described the situation in his post through his fiancee’s eyes: “Champ got caught in the wheel well of the vehicle as he was hit,” Corey stated.

“The driver had all of their windows down, heard my dog, fiancee, and another woman screaming at him to stop, and he proceeded to flee the scene.”

Another driver saw the incident and attempted to pursue the hit-and-run driver at the intersection, but the perpetrator eventually got away.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Champ

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