This Bull Terrier Accidentally Broke Several Bones In His Leg While Jumping To Get His Toy

Newville, Pennsylvania. An ordinary playtime turned into a horrible accident for Negan, a two-year-old Bull Terrier. His family is now asking for help from the GoFundMe community to raise money for Negan’s surgery.

According to his owner, Kellie Crawford, Negan accidentally broke his tibia and fibula on his left back leg while jumping for his toy one day.

He was taken to the emergency room and had a temporary splint put on over the weekend, costing Kellie about $650.

However, after the follow-up checkup, the vet found out that the temporary splint did not fit Negan. In fact, the splint was so small that it started slipping down and needed to be removed.

With the unexpected surgery, Kellie was quoted an extra $229 along with Negan’s other medical expenses.

Negan received his surgery for the broken leg on April 19. Fortunately, the surgery was a success. Negan went home the day after the operation, and his family is staying beside him on the road to recovery.

On an update from Kellie on April 22, she expressed her gratitude to the community who had landed helping hands so far.

Negan also brought good news as he is eating and drinking normally now, and moving around is also getting easier for him.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Negan

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